Chrome and Opera are victims of online banking malware

This blog post will introduce to new kind of trojan that target to specifics web browsers. I have chosen this topic because I think a lot of people using online banking or print other some sort of sensitive data in web browser, email…, and users must know about new attack. I think that this topic is relevant to the IT security, because yours sensitive data can be assimilated by SpyEye Trojan user.
The latest version of the SpyEye Trojan includes new opportunities that target Windows users running Google Chrome or the Opera web browser. According to a blog post by security poster Brian Krebs, these include new “form grabbing” capabilities that can collect data entered into web forms by victims, including credit card or account information used for online banking, as well as the URL for the site they are visiting, before it can be encrypted.
Police catches one of trojan gangs
According to an article “UK police arrested three men late last week in connection with using the SpyEye malware program to steal online banking details”. One of them is Pavel Cyganoc, a 26 year old Lithuanian living in Birmingham. His fellow is Aldis Krummins, 45, a Latvian living in Goole. A third man, a 26 year old is unidentified.

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