Online ‘attack kits’ let anyone become a cybercriminal

This might consider a new threat do to a new development of software for cybercriminals.

World look out for new cybercriminal and threat in the future

” You don’t need advanced hacking expertise to steal people’s bank details any more. Thanks to downloadable attack kits, online theft is just a few clicks away. With just a small amount of technical know-how, attackers can use these simple software packages to install malware on a victim’s computer and make an easy profit.”

Two security reports released this week reveal the rise of such kits in the past year. Computer security company Symantec suggests that attack kits played a role in creating over 286 million variants of malware last year, and computer hardware manufacturer HP reports that the kits’ ease of use, high success rates and ability make them extremely popular.

So what can you do to avoid becoming a victim of an attack kit? ”

Make sure you are patched,”  The kits take advantage of security holes in programs like web browsers PDF readers. Beyond that, it’s probably best not to click on links and emails that you’re not expecting.

In other words, think before you click – you never know what’s on the other end of that link.

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One Response to Online ‘attack kits’ let anyone become a cybercriminal

  1. TonyTruax says:

    Your absolutely right, gotta be careful online, especially banking and accounts.

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