How to use Password Safe on Microsoft Windows 7

At present, the increasing complexity of our digital lives and the increasing threat from malicious security crackers and malware combine to the troubling problem of needing to use strong passwords. Using some kind of password management tool has become the only suitable answer to the problem.

Pwsafe can improve the convenience of using on Windows System. And pwsafe is a decent password manager, as are Password Gorilla and MyPasswordSafe. Because they are open source software, all three of them use peer-reviewed, heavily tested, strong encryption for password storage, and the design of all three of them is verifiable.

Password Safe allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control.

So, how can we use pwsafe as a keyboard shortcut driven X tool?

When opening Password Safe , there are steps of installation:

  1. Open Password Database
  2. New Database and save
  3. Combination Setup
  4. Safe Combination
  5. Verify and OK
  6. Add New Entry
  7. Add Entry
  8. Password Policy
  9. Add Entry(Use the Policy below, Password lengt, Use Symbols);blog-list-river

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