electronic voting

At the beginning ,the government is using paper for voting . but later,they have many voting scandal,and pepole gradully doubt this ballot.so the electronic voting was been inventioned.

The elecronic voting machines is difficult to audit and to keep honest because people nerver know what the happen inside the machine when  they are press the button.

Using the public key cryptography can cast their votes from home by using their web browsers.the process:

  • The key pair will be generates  when voter registre,the key is stored on a usb flash media storage device.
  • The public key IDs and their associated public keys are tracked by a public keyserver.
  • The key used to encrypt and sign in the browser.the connection used to cast the vote be able pass through an anonymizing system.
  • Digitally signed votes are check against the associated public keys ,also for anyone who awnts to get results database.
  • Voter can verify the vote selectionvalues he or she chose.


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