Fake Android application steals data

An Android application that covers itself as a free version of a real app steals data and sends text messages to penalize the users, who wanted to get the free version, instead of paying for it. This pirate app is available on a lot of file sharing sites mostly in Nort America and Asia. The program is called “Walk and Text”, which is a real application for Android, that shows what is front of you by the camera while you are writing text message. It can be bought for 1.53$. The pirate app is named the same, but the version is 1.3.7, which has not been out yet. When the app is downloaded and started it shows the process as being cracked, but meanwhile the app is gathering data from the phone, for example user names, phonenumbers, and tries to send it to an external server, according to Symantec. It also sends text messages to all the phonenumbers on the phone with this message:

( The misspelling is on purpose.)

The app also displays a picture that it is not licensed:

Symantec’s blog post can be found here.

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