Data Leakage

This is a blog post inspired by confidentiality issues and data loss discussed in IT Security classes.
Data leakage definition
What is data leakage?

Imagine data as some kind of liquid.
Data is stored in containers (harddrives etc).

It flows from a container into another container all the time. So if there is a hole somewhere you can guess what happens to the data that goes through.

Yes, it leakage

The leakage can be fictional e.g. someone sniffing on the network, but it can also be physical fx. someone who has physical access to it (your computer, harddrive).

What can you do to prevent this?

You can never be absolutely sure but here are the basic steps that need to be considered.

  • Encrypt your data (confidentiality)
  • Protect your keys (access to keys = access to data)
  • Backup your data (availability)

Here’s and article about NASA’s incident with inapropriate data wiping and disposal of harddrives. -> click here
An audit report about the mistake can also be found as a PDF file in the article.

Article about data leakage can be found here.

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