Millions risk ID theft via Social Networks

A new survey from Harris Interactive has found out, that around 13 million American adults who are using social networks, are willing to accept stranger’s requests of the opposite gender.

According to the survey 18 percent of men will accept a woman’s request, even if they do not know them. 7 percent to the same thing on the other side. The adults only accept 5 percent of the same case.

50 percent of them think, that they are keeping their connection private. And more than 24 million leave their personal information for the public.

They are not even aware of how much they are helping to other people, who want to get into your bank account. With the information they can find on the webpage, they can easily get through the security of the banks.

This picture shows how much information they can get from your profile:

The entry of the issue can be found here.

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