IT security.

IT security.

Parental control.

How want their child to surf the net for porno, get messages from cyber bullies, predators and adult-oriented websites. Not me. And most parents have no idea of the things kids are exposed to online. It’s too easy for children to go online to these sides to day, without parents can se. There for a parent control software must to have, to block and control the websites children’s go to. You can get lots and lots of this software free to day, or included in your antivirus program.

Parent control it’s build in software in windows 7, that you only need to activate.  There for you can have multi-login to your computer one for you as an administrator with full control and another account for the child/children’s, that have the parent control op en working.

If you are not running windows, can you go to this side and get some of the free software that are provided on the internet to have full control what you child/children’s are look at on the internet.

Written by.

Alexander Ólafsson

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