Android security bug

Android is the mobile operating system introduced by Google. By now it got to version 2,3 named Gingerbread. Until here lots cheering and whistles because it became worlds number one most used smartphone OS and offers a great open source alternative to Apples iOS. Apparently celebrations stop here since a bug that was found in the latest version that could have a great impact on the future of the OS. To be more precise the problem appeared also in previous versions of the OS but Google thought that managed to solve it. As we can see that it is not entirely true and the fix can be easily bypassed.

The exploit allows attackers access to personal information only by simply clicking on a link. A malicious Web site can read and upload everything stored on the phone’s microSD, for example photos, usernames, passwords, voicemails, phone numbers or online banking data. It also allows reading of all the applications installed on the phone and their upload on a remote server.

Google stated that a fix is in progress but until then the best option to remove the troubles from your head is to install another web browser on the phone. Other options like removing the SD-card or disabling JavaScript in the browser (may affect ability to access online pages) come unhandy in my opinion.



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