Changing resolution in VBox Guest OS above 800×600

Customer: Georgi

The customer has this specifically software connected problem and is unable to change the resolution to the one wanted in Ubuntu (it`s the same for every other operating system as a matter of fact) running it as a virtual machine’s OS in Oracle’s  VirtualBox. I also had this problem so I can share my experience and solutions.

Now when you ‘google’ the problem at first seems that a lot of people have good explanations about what`s causing the problem and nice tutorials of how to fix it, most of them by configuring a configuration file in your system called ‘xorg.conf’ (some examples -> ). Funny thing is that after you search for that file you realize that there is no such, so the guys tell you that you need to create it yourself. Now here my doubts start to grow. After trying to put a several configuration suggested by the forums I still did not manage to fix this nasty resolution issue. Maybe I did something wrong and this solution works, but if you don`t completely understand what you are doing something may go really wrong, especially for non-technical people.

So as I dig deeper and shared my problem with classmates I was enlightened about the simplest little thing called ‘VBox Guest Additions’… (Yes, I know, I am an idiot.)
After installing them the problem was not only fixed, but I gained some very useful features (information about features can be found on the link -> ).

Now the way to do it:
1. Mount the Guest Additions image file in VBox    or
in VBox menu, under ‘Devices’, click ‘Install Guest Additions’…
2. A cd icon should appear on the desktop (after reboot).
3. In ‘Terminal’ write commands as root :

                    cd /media/cdrom                       (go to cd folder)
                    ls                                             (shows file list)
               (choose appropriate and install)

4. Reboot. The resolution now should be changeable with modifying the virtual machine window.
(For full tutorials and screenshots see the references section below)

Oracle’s VirtualBox

Guest Additions

‘How to’ tutorial

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  1. gologan2011 says:

    Used today. Thanks =)

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