Servers – Customer exercise

i am going to solove yanyu’s problem.  Her computer  is hot often . especially when she open too much programs.  We know that laptop is small but perfectly has the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, hard disk and so on.They are all high calorie stuff, and were closely crowded together, and then Interior space is very small , the heat is more difficult to be discharged. There is now increasing frequency notebook CPU, hard disk speed is also faster and faster,all the reasons why some of the design is not science notebooks as an oven.     so I suggust her to clean the fun heat sink,because the Fan heat sink probably blocked by dust or the fan shaft has too much  the sludge inside, causing the fan performance.

The other problem she get is sometimes her computer stop working for a while.that is because  memory is not enough ,so the computer is running slowly.


The central proccessing unit is the portion of a computer system that carries out the instructions of a computer program.Low CPU configuration serious impact on the computer speed hard disk – because all of the data is transmitted through the disk to read, if the hard disk speed, cache, transfer rate is too small will cause the system to slow .

However, the operating system slow,there are  too much junk files will cause the system to slow, you can re-install the system to solve.

there is a reason for computer to solve the heat dissipation which is not good, can lead to, pay attention to see heat to improve the environment.


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