Firefox consumes a lot of CPU resources

Romanas give to me task which tells that Firefox consumes a lot of CPU resources and computer getting warm because of that thing. When firefox opened, It use about 40% CPU resources. Romanas have good notebook and this is ridiculous that It is use this much resources.
After researching I have been able to devise 3 possibilities:
1. Firefox have too much plugins.
There are many reasons for Firefox hanging and/or using excessive memory. Plugins and extensions, which are not part of the default Firefox install may cause this. Poorly optimized sites which load several images and ads may cause this. These are inevitable. I checked in firefox Tools>Add-on Extension, Plugins and I found very much useless plugins. I disabled them and I saw that Firefox use only 0,2% CUP resources. It works !!!
2. Included to firefox plugins flashblock plugin.
Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers that takes a pessimistic approach to dealing with Macromedia Flash content on a webpage and blocks ALL Flash content from loading. It help for using a lot of RAM memory.
3. JavaScript
JavaScript is a scripting language that is included in many web pages to enhance the experience with menus, sounds, and other features. In an individual site, extensive use of JavaScript may require significant CPU usage. A Firefox add-on, called NoScript, allows you to selectively disable JavaScript on websites. You can also selectively enable and disable types of JavaScript actions, which may affect performance.
Mozilla Support

Created by Armandas Rokas

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5 Responses to Firefox consumes a lot of CPU resources

  1. Mads says:

    I seem to have a similar problem with FF, can you tell me what plugins you disabled under part 1 of your solution?

  2. mbnielsen says:

    I have the plugin NoScript installed. It prevents all sorts of bad stuff from happening, and as a bonus a lot of flash, script, facebook scripts, adds and son on get blocked.
    You may enable certian things, but the bulk of scripts do not get executed so my load times are way better now.

  3. Ionut says:

    Depends on you firefox version because if you have the latest version 4.0 even if you have only the basic plugins on 8 tabs the RAM usage was over 500MB so i think you have to check different browsers because firefox on windows usually uses lots of resources

  4. zigurds says:

    Well if you are using Linux then you can try to look at these tweeks:
    Speed-up Firefox using tmpfs:

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