Excercise Week 7 (by Sarunas and Edvinas)

Sarunas ( Windows XP) Edvinas (Windows 7)
Issues :

  1. After an upgrade of the system some programs from startup stop working.
  2. This issue is almost the same like the first , when you put more and more programs to your startup (it comes to be very handy) , you get alot of performance issues.
  3. User profile damages often.
Issues :

  1. Windows  7 has an ability to install system drivers automatically, but sometimes the drivers which are up-to-date couldnt be found by the system , and user has to install them manually.
  2. IE8 (Internet Explorer) is very slow and it oftenly crashes.
Solving  suggestions (by Edvinas):1.To work around this issue, reinstall the values to the registry and the programs from the Startup folder  , how to do it can be found in Microsoft support website  à http://support.microsoft.com/kb/298427

2. Aparantely there are no sollutions to fix it, i suggest looking at the startup programs and choosing the ones you realy need in the startup.

3. U can find a solution by Microsoft which is obviously working here à http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326688

Solving  suggestions (by Sarunas):1.Curently its one of the main issues with Windows 7 and there arent any working solutions so unhopefully it has to be done manually.

2. Many users have a problem  with actxprxy.dll not installing properly during the upgrade to IE8, but it can be done manually by command prompt and type in regsvr32 actxprxy.dll ,or i would suggest trying other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox which is definetly faster.


  1. Having older versions of Windows applications (e.x WMP classic) together with the new versijon of Windows XP OS.

  1. Ablity to have desktop search engine similar to Linux operating systems.

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