Customer exercise

Customer exercise

I have solved xiaowen’s problems of her PC.

The first one is the problem that her PC is always too slow when starting up.


    Put programs of desktop in some folders. If this step couldn’t be availability, please do next few step.

      2.1 Log into the computer as an administrator.

      2.2 Click “Start” and type “msconfg.exe” in the “Start Search” box located at the bottom of the start menu.

      2.3 Click the “General” tab. Locate and click “Selective Start up.”Click “Load Start up Items” to clear the check box.

      2.4 Click the “Services” tab. At the bottom of the window click “Hide All Microsoft Services”.

      2.5 Click the “Disable All” button at the bottom of the window.

      2.6Click “OK,” then click the “Restart” button. Upon restart, the computer loads Microsoft services only.

      The second one, it always popup closing box when close the IE.


      Because IE’s new search engine don’t compatible with website, it cause the problem.

      1. Go to “Tools” → “Internet Options” → “Advanced” → “Reset”, to reset the browser again.
      2. If it couldn’t be availability, you can try Windows Restore feature to restore it.
      3. If it also couldn’t be availability, you should uninstall the IE and download a new one.


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