Henrik    20110207

<p>HTML stands for “hypertext markup language” and its for making websites.</p>

Many people thinks it is very difficult and  only for the few who can do coding but that it not true.Everybody can learn to handle HTML and make websites while you do not have to be a genie to learn that.

In HTML there is a lot of tutorials which you use to make a websites and there is a lot of websites telling you from scratchs how to use these tutorials and in an easy way introduce you to use themand you do not have to have any knowlegde about programming.

But in any way if you would like to make a website you simply just have to look up the internet and find what you need to do a website. No matter what the internet is a great helpe to find the stuff you will have to use and in a simpel way teach you how to start and use different kind of tutorials.

About tutorials you uses a lot of different kinds and some of them I will mention here like “XHTML” which is a reformulation of HTML but using this you have to know well about HTML and CSS (cascade style sheet).

The there is ASP (active server page) wich is a code used to make websites. With this tutorial you will be able to add new funcitionality to your websites

SSL  tutorials (Server Side includes) gives you a lot of opporturnitis and among them to makes it easier for you to update your website.
Then we have ASP.NET tuorial  with which  you can create almost anything from a simple way to more advanced.

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