NAS. ( Network attached storage )

A Nas is in principal a computer connected to your network that only provides file-based storage sevices to other devises on the network.A NAS unit usually do not have a keyboard or display and are controlled over the network often by using a browser. A fully featured operating system is not needed on a NAS device so often a stripped dowm version as e.g. FREE NAS  is issued. NAS systems contain one or more hard disks, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID arrays. Basicly it is an extension of your harddisk, but compared to an ordinary external harddisk,attached to you computer e.g. by USB ,a NAS is usefull for a lot of purposes.Attashed to your network it provides you whith remote access to your computer,which means that it works as a server.Set up to perform the e.g Raid 1 technology, means that you are mirroring all files from your computer to the NAS ( described in a former contribute) it automaticly perform the daily backup.So you,your family and your approved friends or colleges have the possibility to share all the stored files from anywhere whith a networkconnection.Buisness now a days maintain an increasingly large number of electronic documents and presentations sets including video-clips and home computer users whith the advent of MP3 music files anf JPEG images from pictures require greater and more convienent storage

The NAS server is an affordable solution ( on offer in Bilka week 5 for 985,00 kr. With a 1 TB.diskspace )and for that money it gives a lot of possibilitys .Sharing and storing pictures directly during a holyday or sportevent, sharing work done, emieadilly.Sharing of films  and videos etc.If you attach a printer to it , everybody in the house have the opportunity to print, the usfullnes is infinity

Jan ptrsn.

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