Trying Ubuntu 10.10 versus Windows 7.

Trying Ubuntu 10.10 versus Windows 7.

[Youtube] Ubuntu 10.10 VS Windows 7 Ultimate Boot Test

I recently bought a new netbook. HP with a Installed Windows 7 (Home).

Then using the Wubi
installed Ubuntu 10.10 inside windows 7.

Now I have dual boot windows 7 & Ubuntu 10.10 (Desktop edition not the netbook edition) Both working fine.

Windows 7 works pretty good. Lot faster than Vista. User interface & personalization is also pretty good. Backup works fine. Most of the softwares will be compatible with Windows 7.

Ubuntu 10.10 … I am just becoming fan of this. Boots faster than Windows 7.
For me Ubuntu works faster than Windows. Even Ubuntu recognized my WiFi immediately no problem at all. Even I have configured cool 3d cube workspace switching effects, wobbling windows, google gagets etc in Ubuntu. Everything works fine and smooth.
Installed several other s/w like Gimp, Eclipse etc..Everthing works perfect
(One of my favorite eclipse plugin failed..Anyway, I have an alternate plugin
which does the same job and it worked in Ubuntu).

But a lot of caution if you think that you will have only one OS in your machine
and that will be Ubuntu 10.10. It`s not that stable. Still bugs are there …
Few fixes need to be downloaded seperately and installed using

> sudo apt-get install commands from console.

HP has inbuilt webcam and microphone. I faced issues initially to make Skype work using ubuntu, whereas in windows 7 it worked fine. The problem was it was not able to identify my inbuilt microphone. But to solve I really do not need to install any new driver… Found a configuration where my microphone & webcam was set as muted …unmuted it .. then microhone started working.

Anyway, if if price is not an issue go for Windows 7 and still if you want to test drive ubuntu…
use Wubi to install Ubuntu 10.10 from windows and make your PC dual boot.

As per my opinion, if someone wants a good free OS, then Ubuntu 10.10 is great.
To me Ubuntu 10.10 is also faster than Windows 7. But Ubuntu 10.10 still contains few bugs .. so I will not prefer to it to be my only OS in my system. Once 10.10 becomes stable .. then may be I will dare to use it as sole OS in any PC.

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