Kaillera server

Kailera its the name of the server of the emulator called Mame32 ,witch emulate a nintendo,xbox and sega games from the old times.Like for example :

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Cadillacsand Dinosaurs

Street Fighter
Street Fighter

I am pretty sure most of you know and have played that games when you were younger (or not so younger).
The server is something very basic here,it require a simple client-server base communication. There is a server application build through the years, by some very kind guys who enjoy playing (or just have a great project work for the diploma ). Important things for the server are : It works with UDP , it use different ports for query and communication, it does not connect the clients(from 2 to 4) one to each other, this mean you do not have direct connection to the other client, you have connection only to the server and the server to you. This mean if you play with a friend 3000km(that suppose to be a long trace with a lot of hops in it) away from you and the UDP packet have long way to go and the chance to be lost its much bigger,so the best thing in that situation is to have server on approximately equal hops between each other is the best way of playing multiplayer games from Mame32. The other thing that I notice was the interesting way of hand-shake, the client send a UDP hello packet to the server and when server reply on that,again the client decide some random port in the range 3020-3450(this ports are also known as a xbox ports) so if you want to manage a server with some port forwarding you have to be aware about that.If you got some delay on the games,then some of the clients or may be both have a bad trace. Basically thats everything you need to know about Kaillera server.

Links to the emulator : Mame32
Link to the client files(have to be unziped in the emulator folder): client files
Links to the server application : Server

If you need further information and have some issues or bugs and problems running up the server, you can contact me for help and I’ll do my best.

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