Openfiler is an rpath linux distribution for building a nas.

I’ve tried it and I can say that it’s pretty amazing, you can do a lot of stuff with but basically is for building a NAS and the advantage of openfiler is that it uses few ram memory and even a low-end cpu so it’s good if you have an old computer and, you need extra storage that can be accessed through the Ethernet cable and some people might ask why not use windows file sharing and there a couple of reasons why not to do it for example:
1. For windows you need a pretty good cpu and enough ram memory but in openfiler you only need about 64mb ram
2. Windows file sharing is not secure and if you have important data then you have a problem but, on opelfiler you can restrict the access by putting password or making user accounts using the build ldap service or just restrict it so only one ip can access it.

Another think is that openfiler has an iscsi target server so you can export an entire partition and you can protect it with password not only for accessing it but also you need a password in order to descover it
3. Openfiler supports raid 0 , raid 1 , raid 5 so you can add multiple hard drives and you can make one storage space even if the hard drives are on different interfaces for example ide and sata
Another thing that I liked about openfiler is that the gui interface is accessed through https protocol so I don’t have to worry that someone might steal my password by sniffing and also in openfiler you can find lots of differ features like web servers and other servers which you can use.

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