Resently, during the Christmas-holyday I experienced trouble because a complete break-down to my Laptop and ended with a lot of trouble and hours of unneeded work to do. Back.up a word I knew from the back of my head, but never did anything about.Nice if it  was done automatically !

Raid 1 Technology-mirroring

Data stored twice by writing them to both the data-disk and a mirror-disk at the same time.If  a disk for some reasons fails, the controller is able to use either the original disk or the mirrordrive to restore data and continue operations (at least to disks are needed to perform Raid

A highly secure way to perform constantly backup,could be by setting theRaid 1. technology up, using a NAS(Network-attashded storage.)plased away from your PC set up, it would protect your data from ending up in Albania.


  • RAID 1 offers excellent read speed and a write-speed that is comparable to that of a single disk.
  • In case a disk fails, data do not have to be rebuild, they just have to be copied to the replacement disk.
  • RAID 1 is a very simple technology.

The described Raid 1. Is only one specifyc technology in an array from 0 too 10 ( Raid 0, Raid1,Raid 2,… etc.)

Jan Ptrs

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